Amycrofters Go Square Comments

Comments on Amycrofters Go Square Volumes  1 & 2.Following the success of their previous CD “Amycrofters at Home” the Amycrofters were asked to produce another CD. This is the much awaited “Amycrofters Go Square”. The double CD pack and booklet fills a special niche in the market.

The first CD in Volume 1 has the music for 17 singing squares. The second CD in the pack has the same music together with singing calls by Kim Smith from the West Midlands. The accompanying booklet has the dance notation and the words of the singing call, for each dance, on facing pages. The pack can be used in various ways.

Either CD can be used for easy listening. A caller wishing to master the notation and call can sing along with Kim. When a caller is familiar with the words, they themselves can sing the call to the first CD.

Callers who prefer not to sing can, after a walk through, use the second CD with the
calling by Kim.

We think this is the first CD publication in the UK to offer a chance for new callers to develop their skills in this way. It provides lively foot tapping music which more experienced callers will use directly.  It is hoped that the pack will increase the popularity of Sung Squares. The track list gives information concerning Introductions,
Lengths and Tags.

In the booklet the dances have been graded as to the degree of difficulty.

1 (easy) – 2 (intermediate) – 3 (harder). Whilst some may find this categorisation open to interpretation, it does give callers the opportunity to choose dances suitable for their level of experience, and for that of their dancers.

We have been asked to put so many dances in this CD pack that we could not include them all. After putting all the required dances in alphabetical order we produced the first 17 in Volume 1. Volume 2 is now also on sale. The music CDs can also be used for dances other than Squares, but do be careful if the rhythm changes, or there are tags! We are also well aware that there are other versions of squares to many of the tunes; be careful to check that the lengths are the same before calling them to our music.

Track Lists for both Volumes can be seen on the relevant “Amycrofters Go Square” page.