How To Book

Listen to a sample of the duo playing.

Our bookings come in fast. The sooner you contact us the greater the chances are of getting us on the date you want. (Murphy’s Law says that once a date is booked everyone else wants it!)

First Contact

Phone is Quickest & Best.
This means questions asked either way can be answered on the spot.

  • Mobile 079 76 533 520
  • Tel 01404 46451
  • or  Click on  ‘Contact Us’ in the menu.

What happens next?

After a short discussion of your requirements we will provide a quotation for your event. This will depend on the date, times, type of venue, distance involved etc. When you tell us to proceed with the booking you will receive two completed copies of our booking form. These are to be signed by you. One is to be returned to us in the stamped, addressed envelope provided. The other is retained by you for your records.

Why do we do it?

We enjoy what we do and get satisfaction from the enjoyment we give to others. Seeing the smiles on faces and the tapping of feet,  gives us much satisfaction. Our charges do not reflect our efforts and the expenses we incur. Our prices are competitive.

Swinging Valentines

Dancing to the Amycrofters

Amycrofters getting people moving!

See the smiles?
Your pleasure is our reward.