Amycrofters At Home CD

Amycrofters at Home.

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Track List.

1.    Dancing in the Street, Let Him Go, Let Him Tarry,                                     7x32b   reel
–      Wreck of of the 97.
2.    Little Man in a Fix.                                                                                              6x32b   waltz
3.    Tavern in the Town.                                                                                             7x40b   reel
4.    Uncle Reuben, Boil em Cabbage Down, Old Joe Clark, Big Corral.          8x32b   A.reels
5.    Dingle Regatta, Sweets of May, Bunch of Coconuts.                                    5x48b   jigs
6.    Hillside Hse, Back up & Push, Pearly Gates, Marching thru Georgia.      8x32b   A. reel
7.    Shades of Joplin, Jonathan’s Reel, The Unicorn.                                          6x32b   reel
8.    Two lovely Black Eyes, Daisy Daisy, Bless ‘em All,                                       8x32b   waltz
–      I’ll be your Sweetheart, Home on the Range, My Bonnie Lies
–      Over the Ocean, Westering Home, Oh Dear What Can the Matter Be.
9.    Mony Musk.                                                                                                          4x32b          reel
10.  Swanee River.                                                                                                       4x68b+4b  reel
11.  Tarantella.                                                                                                              3x48b          jigs
12.  Postie’s Jig, Grandmother’s Old Arm Chair.                                                  4x32b          jigs
13.  Stern Polka.                                                                                                           6x48b          reel
14.  Summer Time Dream, Glendale Train, Rocking in Rosalie’s Boat.           7x32b          reel
15.  Blaydon Races, Tramp Tramp, Home Boys Home,                                      10 x32b        jigs
–      Macnamara’s Band, Runaway Train.
16.  Phillebelula All the Way, Keel Row, Waltzing Matilda.                               10x16b  h/pipes
17.  Grandfathers Clock, Jimmy Allen, Buffalo Girls, Winster Gallop.            5x48b          reel
18.  Remnarts of Hereford, Liberton Pipe Band, (for Trip to Bavaria).           4x32b          reel
19.  Putting on the Style, I’ve been around this Old Town too Long,                9x32b          reel
–      Worried Man, Bobby Shaftoe, Riding Down from Bangor,
–      Red River Valley, Camptown Races, Coming Round the Mountain,
–      When the Saints.7x32b   reel

–    This CD costs £10 + £1 p&p

  We hope this recording will give an idea of the liveliness and drive of the Amycrofters Duo. It is designed to be used for easy listening or for dancing. As a spontaneous recording without studio facilities such as editing or dubbing this CD shows the raw enthusiasm and drive of the Duo.
*  Accordion.    Andrew Mycroft
*  Keyboard.    June Mycroft