Our Gigs and Music

What do we do?

Listen to a sample of the duo playing.
We play for any functions requiring lively, flexible music such as a:-

Budding Percussionist


  • Barn Dance
  • Folk Dance
  • Ceilidh
  • Festival
  • Jam Session

We also have a Mickey Mouse and two Dancing Dolls, to entertain the younger generation. See the pictures of them in action in our photo gallery.

We can play for your:-

"Kate's"Marque Wedding 2011

Wedding Celebrations

  • Wedding
  • Corporate Event
  • Church
  • PTA,   School
  • Anniversary
  • Twinning Event
  • Birthday
  • Folk Dance Club & Work Shop
  • Concert
  • Party
  • Sing-a-Long

    Honiton Charter Day Concert

  • Celebration
  • Harvest Festival
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Social
  • Charity
  • Dinner Dance
  • Fete
  • Hotel, Pub & Club
  • Fundraising
  • Burns Night
  • Hoe Down
  • Holiday Camp

What Music do we play?

Scarecrows Playing at Offwell

Scarecrows Playing at Offwell

We play English, American, South African and International music ranging from traditional to recent sources. Some of the music is our own material. We don’t do dreary! All our music is lively and causes smiles and foot tapping. Experienced musicians and dancers will notice that the music is well phrased, so that dancers know where they are. We stress any emphases required by the tune, and by the dance, so that the excellent rhythm does not become monotonous. A good beat is provided for dancing. Furthermore, there will be a strong off beat, which gives drive, and makes our customers, want to dance.

Areas Covered

We frequently play in Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset, these being our local South West Counties. We also play extensively in the Midlands and Cumbria. Visits have been made to Birmingham, Hampshire, Staffordshire, Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Oxfordshire, Wales, Warwickshire, Wiltshire & Worcestershire. In fact we have visited most parts of London, England and the UK. In addition we have performed in South Africa and Australia.

To book the band     Go to   ‘Contact Us’    Or:-

  • Phone 01404 46451
  • Mob 079 76 533 520