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Listen to a sample of the duo playing.

The Musicians                                                                                                          Click Photo to enlarge.


The band is led by Andrew Mycroft on accordion. Andrew started in the Folk arena as a dancer, and later as a caller. He then put his musical skills to use and for many years served an apprenticeship as resident musician at the Folk  Annexe Folk Dance Club in Meriden. Whilst there he led a West Midlands Band, The Four Oaks. His experience of dancing and calling puts him in an ideal position to appreciate the needs of callers and dancers. After moving to Honiton in Devon he started Honiton Folk Dance Club and the Amycrofters Band was formed in 2002.


Andrew is accompanied by his wife June who plays both keyboard, guitarbanjo, banjolele, mandolin and accordion. June, who hails from South Africa, has sung and played keyboard for audiences of over two thousand. Her brilliant accompaniment adds further rhythm, depth and phrasing to the sound of Andrew’s accordion. At times she will take over the melody, leaving Andrew free to provide his own accompaniment, thus varying the sound. Andrew said that he had to marry her so that she wouldn’t play elsewhere!! With their lively balanced sound Andrew and June often play as a duo. This makes them less expensive and more flexible than large groups. For the ultimate icing on the cake, Andrew and June are fortunate to be able to call on the services of other talented musicians.

When we have extra instruments such as Violin or Banjo we call ourselves “The Amycrofters Plus.”

Since it’s inception, the band has developed a reputation for its music, appearance and all round professionalism. They are always punctual. Flexibility  has become a byword. The music always has the right rhythm, pace and length. It is even altered on the spot if the dancers go wrong!
To protect customers and themselves the band’s equipment is all PAT tested and they have full Public Liability Insurance.

The aims of the band are to support the Caller and the Participants, actively joining in, and being a part of the event.We play for the dancers, not just for ourselves, and it shows. An integral part of this support is the lively foot tapping music which produces smiles and impromptu dance steps. Our gig list is increasing rapidly.

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